Practice Areas

Export Controls

Export control laws are complex and impact virtually all international transactions. We advise clients on all aspects of export control regulations, from licensing and compliance strategies to appealing and advocating positions before the government agencies.

Economic Sanctions

Economic sanctions are a primary tool of U.S. foreign policy that private organizations must comply with and that directly impact both U.S. and foreign parties. We work with clients to develop compliance strategies, obtain needed licenses, and defend against alleged violations.

National Security Compliance

A growing number of regulatory areas are concerned with national security risks. We advise clients on complying with these areas, such as foreign investment (CFIUS), foreign ownership, control and interest, security clearances, foreign agent registration, and national security letters.

Research & Development Institutes

Research and development institutes that focus on innovation often encounter situations that constitute exports, regulated services, or prohibited activities under export controls and trade sanctions laws. We advise clients on identifying and complying with the applicable legal requirements.

Scientific Research & Publication

Scientists and academic institutions often generate and disseminate information in an increasingly global environment.  We advise on the application of export control laws on such publications, including classroom instruction and international conferences and collaboration.  

Insider Threat Compliance

Organizations that use classified networks are required to adapt minimum standards regarding information, personnel, and systems security. The requirements also include an insider threat detection and prevention program.  We counsel clients on this increasingly complex area.